• Read our featured article in Juneau Empire

    October, 2018
    Genevieve Carson, the opera’s choreographer and director of the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company, is from Juneau and said it’s pretty special to be working and collaborating in her hometown.
  • Review of "Adaptation" in New Zealand by Felicity Molloy, theatreview

    October, 2018
    The final work had me gasping. A generation of ‘Me Too’ has influenced the dancing scene. Costuming and flying hair are cleverly juxtaposed by some great ensemble dancing, strength in female understanding.
  • LACDC company member Tess Hewlett featured in DanceSpirit Magazine

    May, 2018
    My dream day would continue at The Sweat Spot where I'd teach my class called Give & Take. The Sweat Spot is owned by Ryan Heffington—it's my favorite studio to teach at in L.A. Give & Take is a contemporary class that helps dancers connect with their bodies and the space they're in.
  • Review of “Stimulaze” by Laura Bleiberg, Emphasis Dance Blog

    February, 2018
    "All four (dancers) were remarkable, in this often humorous piece that required split-second timing. Using gesture as metaphor, the dancers grabbed each other, pushed and pulled, fell onto and lifted one another." -- Laura Bleiberg, Emphasis Dance
  • Review of "Stimulaze" by Beth Megill, LA Dance Review

    February, 2018
    The work was so subtle in its slip into insanity that it was a while before the audience relaxed into the humor of the work. The dancers were convincing, athletic, unapologetic, and darn-right funny. --Beth Megill, LA Dance Review
  • Review of “summer” by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

    January, 2018
    "[Stephanie] Zaletel asks one to look, to see and to hopefully feel [...] The entire cast of 13 dancers maintain a beautiful sense of calm, stillness and loneliness throughout the work." -Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle
  • LACDC Artistic Director Genevieve Carson featured in VoyageLA Magazine

    November, 2017
    "To me, dance artists are superhuman and filled with magic. These articulate, hyper-connected storytellers have a keen understanding of the possibilities within time, space, and energy, both inside and outside of their bodies, to bring to life what was previously unimagined." -- Genevieve Carson for VoyageLA Magazine
  • Review of “Stimulaze” by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

    September, 2017
    “Genevieve Carson is a very musical dance artist who understands form and subtlety. Her musicality is evident in how she physically illustrates the music of J.S. Bach and W.A. Mozart, while weaving her own rhythmic phrases in and around theirs. Carson gently introduces humor while exposing different layers of human behaviors (...) the dance opened with beautiful solos (…) a quirky, beautifully performed and often entertaining work.” -- Jeff Slayt…
  • Review of "PORT: SF/LA", Dance Commentary Blog

    September, 2017
    "[In Stimulaze], the dancers were playing a game of will, exertion and control (and a humorous one at that), refusing to ‘stay in their lane’." -Dance Commentary by Heather Desaulniers
  • LACDC company member Kate Coleman featured in Dance Magazine

    June, 2017
    "I grew up with my heart set on dancing with a company, not realizing I could do concert and commercial work simultaneously." -Kate Coleman, LACDC