• The Key Of C – A Moving Dance Film by Genevieve Carson | L.A. Dance Chronicle

    October, 2020
    "The Key of C clearly captures the rollercoaster of emotions and the physical constraints this experience has cast upon us all. Carson and Mason, however, conclude with a message of optimism, a near normalcy, and a hope that reflects the resiliency and power of the human spirit."  | Read full article by Jeff Slayton HERE.
  • LACDC and VSQ’s "Blinding Lights" Provides a Much Needed Expression of Joy! | L.A. Dance Chronicle

    September, 2020
    ["Blinding Lights"] is a rich, lively and often celebratory score that released in the performers a freedom from restraint that is residing in the majority of us during the shutdown. |  Read full article by Jeff Slayton HERE.
  • LACDC featured in Chile's ART AL LIMITE

    August, 2020
    LACDC is featured in "Danza al son del encierro" - an Art Al Limite article about contemporary dance productions that are free and available on virtual platforms during quarantine.
  • BLINK – A Moving Dance Film by Genevieve Carson | Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

    July, 2020
    Carson interweaves her characters’ bodies and gestures, and with the aid of Kim’s direction, absorbs the viewer and her characters as they experience all of life’s emotions without judgement or resolution. |  Read full article HERE.
  • How to Get Over Yourself and Get Started by Katherine Grace Murphy, Artful Efforts

    April, 2020
    Whether it's self-doubt, impostor syndrome, or fear of failure, these 22 working artists (including LACDC's artistic director Genevieve Carson) have the cure for you to get over yourself and get started.  |  Read full article HERE.
  • Marketing for Artists – How to Effectively Market Your Work by Katherine Grace Murphy, Artful Efforts

    April, 2020
    Struggling with marketing your art? Or maybe you've already given up. Arts marketer and LACDC's Managing Director Napoleon Wesley Gladney shares some great advice on how to get your marketing on track. | Read full article HERE.
  • LACDC Presented 4 Strong Works at the Odyssey By Corrina Roche, L.A. Dance Chronicle

    February, 2020
    "Being able to challenge an audience and build a relationship at the same time is no easy task and LACDC did so successfully. The company has a unique and transformative way of shifting an audience’s perspective and feelings through innovative, honest, and emotionally driven works." READ MORE
  • Terra: A Blessing Celebration for LACDC'S New Home By Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

    October, 2019
    For creating Terra, this was an excellent match between Carson, who writes that her work focuses on the human condition, and Sobke who says that her work “explores the relationship between the human body and pop, fine art, landscapes, architecture and design.” READ MORE
  • Feature on LACDC’s New Home with the Creators of "Terra" by Katherine Grace Murphy, Artful Efforts

    October, 2019
    "Terra [is] an innovative work centered around the materials and relationships required to build a home - both physically and symbolically." READ MORE
  • Feature on LACDC Co-Founder Kate Hutter Mason and Stomping Ground L.A. by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

    October, 2019
    While many dance studios in LA have or are in danger of being closed, in January of 2020 Mason will have the grand opening of Stomping Ground L.A., “…a new community arts space in East L.A.” CLICK HERE to read more.