To be considered for the company, you must attend one of our in-person auditions. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DANCER SUBMISSIONS. We post information about our auditions on our newsletter, website and social media once they are scheduled. In the meantime, anytime you want to share the dance floor with us, come take class and also connect with us on Instagram.  



As a project-based company, we aim to facilitate more opportunities for Los Angeles-based Guest Artists and Company Members to pursue all of their creative interests while still being an active part of our community. Our artist-community's pursuit of creative, commercial and other interests are acknowledged and valued. 

Since 2005, we have hired 102 dancers who have put down roots in this city, underscoring our mission to primarily support Los Angeles-based artists.


Guest Artists are dancers who perform with the company for a particular event or project and are paid under contract for that event or project.   

The Guest Artist position (pool) operates as LACDC's database for dancers interested in being in a pool of collaborators hired on a project by project basis.  Guest Artists can also be invited to join the cast of a project when not all of the company members are available for that particular project or when a production calls for a larger cast than the current company.  They are dancers we have come to know through auditions and through the greater dance community.    

The Guest Artist position (full season) operates as a trial period for dancers interested in working with LACDC for an extended period of time.  After an audition, a dancer may be invited to join the company as a Guest Artist for a full season, which is a year-long commitment.  This period allows us to observe Guest Artists working in process alongside company members and with a range of choreographers. After that time, depending on the company's needs, a Guest Artist may be put into the pool of collaborators to be called upon for future projects or they may be offered a Company Member position.


Company Members are a core of 8-12 dancers who are committed to being available for and supporting all of our annual programming (seasonal shows, tours, commissions, outreach, fundraisers, films, etc).   These dancers are paid under contract per project and can be hired from our full season Guest Artist positions.  Company Members do not have to re-audition to continue working with the company, though on occasion, are auditioned to work with a specific choreographer or on a specific project. 


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