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*L.A. Contemporary Dance Company is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.*



March Madness is our annual month of giving during which time LACDC receives a generous match donation from the Hutter family in loving memory of Norma Langworthy - a dancer, producer and arts enthusiast - as well as the late grandmother of LACDC co-founder, Kate Hutter.  This year, we had a goal of $15,000 that we surpassed with $15,228 from 122 donors. With the match donation, that is over $30,000!  A special thank you to our 18 partner businesses who donated $2870 in goods and services.  All of your support keeps us creating and our doors open for another year. YAY DANCE!


Aaron Henne Eric & Kate Mason Mildred C Loumiet
Alex Carter Eric Thorne Moses Kagen
Alexis McDonald Felicia Risolo Nathan Makolandra
Alyssa Thompson Frank & Joan Hutter Nichol Mason
Amy R Carlos Gakenia Muigai Nick Warren-Mordecai
Andrea Gise Gus Tamez Nicole Hagen
Andrew Acalinovich Heather Bowen Open Rehearsal Event
Angel Papadakis Heather Grady Matthews Pam Wagner
Angela Warner Irma Nuno Pamela Coleman
ANONOMOUS Jane Chinn Pat Beasley
Antoinette Clark Jeanne Tyson Paul Romero
Arianne MacBean Jeff Flowers Paula Earle
Ashley K Singh Jen Hutter Rachel Sattler
Aziza Glass Johnny Craig Follin Rachel Scandling
Ben Jaffe Jonathan Brody Ramon Valdez
Ben Jehoshua Katherine Beyda Rebecca Lemme
Bert Henert Kelvin Crumby Rhea Snooky Levin
Beth Bejma Kenya Reeves Robert Tyson
Betty Iwert Kevin Rowley Rosanna Tavarez
Brad Comfort Kim Thompson Ross Hollencamp
Brandon Crane Kimberly Tyson Ryan Costella
Brian Nelson Laura Karlin Sara Carter
Carol Baker Lauren Dragicevich Sara Morrison
Casey Cowan Gale Leia Crawford Shanna Igoe
Celeste Hewlett Lily Ontiveros Shaun & Sharifa Smith
Cerise Dragicevich Lindsay Sullivan Shellie L. Beckman
Charlene Nakamura Liz Bustle Shirley Dragicevich
Charles & Sandra Glass Lizette Gabriel Sophia Stoller
Chester Carson Marlo Tetwiler Stacey Hagen
Christopher Verdugo Mary Smith Stephanie Pool
Clive DuVal Matt Kinsey Stephen Hewlett
Colleen Hewlett Megan Feely Steve Boruta
Connie Pearson Melaina Williams Suzanne Andrews
Curtis Kibler Melissa Marroquin Tania Fleicher
Daniel Davolos Micaela Taylor Tom & Cheryl Carson
Dave Rogers Michael Angeloff Tracy Silver-Owsley
David Bridel Michael Dragicevich Vin Desilva
David Kobasa Michael Mederos William Medina
David Mann Michael Patrick Irvin Xochi Blymyer
Elizabeth Beller Michelle Jolly Zakiya Glass
Emily Wanserski Mike Hewlett  

Why donate?

LACDC is a non-profit organization that employs artists and creates awesome, affordable dance experiences for L.A., and can do so thanks to a combination of ticket sales, commissions, grants, and donations by amazing people like you,  By donating to LACDC, you provide us with the essential ingredients to create, innovate and perform. You hire artists. You rent space. You provide lighting equipment, costumes and a kick-butt sound system. You also support the less sexy, yet essential aspects of our business like insurance, bookkeeping, etc.

And why do you do this? Because you love dance, or you love someone who dances, or you just like to know that creative minds are gathering and working together to create something that doesn't run on batteries or will never be motivated by money.

LACDC is a passionate group dedicated to creating dance and sharing ideas through movement. We know that it takes A LOT of people to make our work a success. We would like to continue collaborating and making dance that wrenches your gut and rocks your soul, and makes you happy that LACDC exists. Consider collaborating with us today.  No matter the amount, you are participating in the creative process and making dance with us. We are grateful for your support. Thank you so much!

Love, the LACDC family