Join LACDC Artistic Director Genevieve Carson, L.A.'s top contemporary artists and Company Members for advanced classes in contemporary modern technique, phrasework, and choreography workshops. This intimate program allows students to delve into the movement vocabularies of the same three teachers over the course of three days and is for college and pre-professional students (Ages 18+). The students taking the full intensive will perform in a free showcase for the LA community on the last day.

**Advanced 15-17 year old dancers will be considered for the program on a case by case basis (ie: teacher recommendations and review by the faculty). If you have questions, please email Winter Intensive Director Jamila Glass at**

Details announced in the Fall of 2018. Stay tuned.

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What dancers are saying about our Intensive...

So.... I've done dance intensives/classes in NYC. And yes they're amazing. But I had someone from NY tell me that there was no real dance in LA and sort of belittled my idea to come here saying "what are you gonna do, dance in a music video?" They were so wrong. There's so much artistry and "real dance" just within L.A. Contemporary Dance Company. I'm excited to continue in this intensive and learn about other contemporary artists in the area!
--Jasmine Wright

The intensive is a welcoming environment for an intimate dance community to not only learn from instructors, but also to explore movement and art together. It is truly inspiration and gives me an appetite to captivate the education being offered by both instructors and fellow dancers.
--Michael Perez

I was enthralled by the movement I experienced during the intensive and was constantly thinking "Man, this is a tribe I want to be apart of!" I find it necessary to encourage your company in the exquisite ways that you are transforming dancers as movers but also as see-ers. The nuggets of gold that I collected from all of you in the short time I was there are treasures that I will hold onto where ever I dance or even go!

I also want to take a moment to sincerely thank you, the company members, and especially Kate for the atmosphere you all created during the intensive week and at the audition. I've been to many auditions and have never felt so supported, valued and free to be myself. The crazier part was being taught the freedom to take these gifts and hand them out to the dancers around me as they auditioned. I walked out of your audition with tears of joy flowing from my face because I was overwhelmed by the sense of constant victory I experienced rather than the heaviness of inadequacy which is the prevalent feeling when auditioning. When I left, my success was in the beauty of feeling like I was enough as a dancer rather than finding it in a call back. I didn't hold anything back and I cherished the talent around me rather than comparing myself. I felt seen and for the first time in an audition, I intentionally and supportively witnessed. It's the most whole I've felt during dance in a long time and I was immensely blessed!
--Gaby Mulder


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