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Company History

L.A. Contemporary Dance

L.A. Contemporary Dance is a performance company dedicated to showcasing the artistry of L.A. in live and digital experiences. We curate creative environments that harness the power of the collective, promote a sense of belonging, and champion exploration and learning without judgment. In our programming, we share a restlessness of soul and desire for connection with our collaborators and community. Underscoring our mission to primarily support L.A.-based collaborators, we have commissioned over 30 L.A. choreographers (out of 41 total) and hired 108 dancers who have put down roots in this city. While we were on a planned pause for the first half of 2023, we took this space to thank the following artists and collaborators who have been a part of our 19 year history.


Our Story

LACDC maintains the same pioneering spirit today that drove its founding in 2005 by a pair of young, female entrepreneurs in an arts management class at the University of Southern California. We create opportunities where they previously did not exist with produced and commissioned work. We do this to answer our own call to foster the unique talent of this city, to develop innovative repertory inspired by Los Angeles, and to celebrate the diverse group of artists, students and fans that we consider our community.  We value dance as a critical part of L.A.’s cultural identity to be shared around the world. By working with dedicated collaborators and staff, we demonstrate leadership in our community through the production of professional performances and training programs, and share the gifts of our city on the road as ambassadors of L.A.

  •   Artistic Director (2021-Present): Jamila Glass
  •   Artistic Director (2015-2020): Genevieve Carson
  •   Artistic Director (2005-2015): Kate Hutter Mason
  •   Co-Founders (2005): Michelle Jolly & Kate Hutter Mason


LACDC has presented work at venues throughout L.A. including Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Broad Stage, Ford Amphitheatre, L.A. Theatre Center, Odyssey Theatre, Alex Theatre, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Broad Contemporary Art Museum, and Natural History Museum. Other notable performances include Lincoln Center (NYC), Kennedy Center (DC), Newman Center for the Performing Arts (Denver), ODC Theater (San Francisco), Laguna Beach Art Museum, and Palm Springs Art Museum.

LACDC has been in partnership with the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain from 2021-2023, commissioning Spanish choreographers to create new work and exchange practices. The company has also toured internationally with sold out performances in Argentina and New Zealand. In 2018, LACDC was proud to be the first American headlining company to perform for Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland.  

Additionally, LACDC often expands its reach to collaborate with key artists and brands in the entertainment industry. The company joined indie rock band Foster the People on their 2013 summer tour, which included performing for over 50,000 at the Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware. The company has also collaborated with major brands for the commercial campaigns of Samsung, American Apparel, and Hikvision USA, music videos for Vitamin String Quartet & K-Pop star Sulli, and was featured in the Netflix television series Dear White People.

Collaborators 2005 - Present

Amber Acosta, Patrick Adams, AEREA, Elías Aguirre, Carolina Alacreu, Alex Aller, Rob Amjärv, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Christian Beasley, BenBenBen, Terri Best, Kris Bowers, David Bridel, Shari Brookler, Joy Isabella Brown, Byrell the Great, Jade Cagalawan, Jillian Cainghug, Roya Carerras, Genevieve Carson, Asa-Chang, Junray and Emerson Kitamura, Claire Chrzan, Dawn Coleman, Kate Coleman, Josiah Cracraft, Daniel Crisp, Michael Crotty, Kay Cunningham, Christian Denice, Evan DeVitto, Carla Diego, Gregory Dolbashian, Jonathan Dorf, Emerson Eads, DJ Elseware, Darby Epperson, Mike Esperanza, Jackie Farias, Megan Feely, Brian Gale, Roderick George, Duke Gervais, Jamila Glass, Mario Glez, Peter Gonzales, Rick Gradone, Noah Jaxson Griffin, Lee Gumbs, Pete Gum and Reliable Colin, Mimi Haddon, Xavier Hamel, Ryan Heffington, Bert Henert, Aaron Henne, Tess Hewlett, Scott Hislop, Charlie Hodges, Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh, Robert Huerta, Dave Hunsaker, Jolieba Jackson, Melissa "MJ" Jackson, Nehara Kalev, Laura Karlin, Iker Karrera, Ashley Kayombo, Ahrong Kim, Nathan Kim, Alice Klock, Phil Kong, Nick Konow, Amanda Kramer, Joe Lambie, Megan Laughlin, Myles Lavallee, Rosalynde LeBlanc, Rebecca Lemme, Julie Lockhart, Lindsey Lollie, Arianne MacBean, Garrett McLean, Carlo Maghirang, Nathan Makolandra, Christopher Malcolm, Eric Mason, Kate Hutter Mason, Nichol Mason, Nina McNeely, Jillian Meyers, Derek Michael, Malachi Middleton, Daniel Miramontes, Ruth Muelas, New Villager, Jen Nguyen, Sara Nishida, Yuki Nishida, Ayesha Orange, Christina Otarola, Taso Papadakis, Adam Parson, Andrew Pearson, Jeremy Pivnick, Cody Brunelle-Potter, Laura Rocha, JM. Rodriguez, Holly Rothschild, Mateo Rudich, Sarah Sachs, Sami Martin Sarmiento, Rachel Scandling, Benjamin Shearn, Brooke Shepherd, Sara Silkin, Ashley Singh, Anna Sitko, Keith Skretch, slowdanger, Andrea Sobke, SONOS (ARORA), Andrew Southam, Erik Speth, Robbie Sweeny, Micaela Taylor, Laurel Tentindo, Spenser Theberge, Mark Tomasic, Maxwell Transue, Anna Tse, Angel Tyson, Catalina Jackson-Urueña, Roman Valdez, Arad Vejdani, Kelsey Vidic, Nathan Wang, Donald Webber Jr, Kat Westerman, Zack Whitford, WHYTEBERG, Melaina Williams, Kevin Williamson, Robbie Williamson, Austin Wintory, Natasha Poon Woo, John Wrutland, Filip Zachary, Stephanie Zaletel, Seth Zibalese, Ric Zimmerman.

Artists 2023 - Present

Edgar Aguirre, Colleen Loverde, Lily Massie, Kelle Meschede, Iyana Monet, Melody Morrow, Dawson Walker 

Company members 2005 - 2022

Paolo Alcedo, Arletta Anderson, Kate Andrews, Christian Beasley, Lou Becker, Shari Brookler, Genevieve Carson, Hyosun Choi, Kate Coleman, Michael Crotty, Marie Doherty, Kristen Dusold, Lauren Dragicevich, Lenin Fernandez, Jamila Glass, Devin Fulton Gomez, Jacinto Delgado Guizar, Nicole Hagen, Christopher Hazelton, Nick Heitzeberg, Colleen Hendricks, Tess Hewlett, Natalie Hurter, Marisa Jimenez, Allison Jones, Rogelio Lopez, Justin Liu, Marcello De Sa Martins, Nichol Mason, Yumi Matsuzaki,  Ashlee Merritt, Gakenia Muigai, Omar Olivas, Andrew Pearson, Michelle Pritchard, Carlos Rodriguez, JM. Rodriguez, Katie Russell, Ryan Ruiz, Jean Michelle Sayeg, Melissa Schade, De'Mar Singleton, Andrea Sobke, Sydney Sorenson, Erik Speth, Athena Sterig, Tiffany Sweat, Kim Thompson, Angel Tyson, Diana Vaden and Kevin Williamson.

Guest artists 2005 - 2022

Alexie Agdeppa, Edgar Aguirre, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Joe Badalamenti, Janell Burgess, Samantha Boscarino, Charlene Bittinger, Dominic Chaiduang, Donna Cicchesi, Jessica Coffman, Zoe Chait, Diana Delcambre, Danny Dolan, Olivia Euritt, Christina Marie Domino, Tia Durand, Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh, Nicole Flores, Raymond Ejiofor, Meredith Flores, Jelani Glass Gervais, Lindsey Goodwin, Amanda Hamm, Caitlin Hickey, Charlie Hodges, Laura Karlin, Lauren Kaufman, Maor Levy, Jodie Mashburn, Diana Mathews, Stephanie McMahon, Sam McReynolds, Malachi Middleton, Rebecca Newton, Denise Nissen, Derrick Paris, Marlon Pelayo, Mecca Romero, Montay Romero, Chelsea Roquero, Sarri Sanchez, Carissa Songhorian, Zadrian Smith, Sandy Strangis, Cristine Tatomer, Mike Williams, Rosanna Tavarez, Hunter Wayne, Ashley Mikal Williams, Dave x, Chelsea Zeffiro.

2023 Update - A Planned Pause