• Review of "Dancing in Snow" by Tam Warner, LA Dance Chronicle

    June, 2022
    "[Roderick George's] dance vocabulary runs the gamut from modern to jazz, ballet to street, with a deft touch of musical theater tossed in. The movement emanates from the core with the torso always in use and the arms beautifully rendered. With small gestures or perhaps a nod of the head George captures the musical accents and innuendo throughout. He understands the need to keep the stage moving, yet also knows when to slow it down for a solo or…
  • Dancing in Snow featured on Words That Move Me Podcast

    June, 2022
    “In Roderick’s piece, there is a bone rattling and like, goosebump-inducing feeling of…No, we aren’t the same and it’s really wrong to make people feel like they have to be. … Even still, three days after having witnessed it, I’m blown away.”  - Dana Wilson (Words That Move Me Podcast)  | Listen to full episode HERE
  • Feature on Dancing in Snow by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

    June, 2022
    "The music that Roderick George chose was influenced by [the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement and] this impossible desire of reversing time to what some considered ideal – the white picket fence, couples where the wife stayed home while the husband worked, and what was seen on television during that time that reflected and/or influenced what was viewed as normal." |…
  • INSECTOS: arte y vida Film Review | Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

    February, 2022
    [The film] is an intense, mysterious and somewhat ritualistic work during which Aguirre brilliantly exploits the use of two choreographic techniques: repetition and unison to create what he describes as the “harmony between the heartbreaking and the subtle beauty of what happens on the tiny, improvised stages of invisible nature…
  • Dance Magazine features "LOST MIND", a dance film centered on mental illness

    January, 2021
    CLICK HERE to read a feature on the short film "LOST MIND" (directed by Sara Silkin) in Dance Magazine.
  • Feature on New Artistic Director Jamila Glass by Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

    January, 2021
    CLICK HERE to read about our new Artistic Director's journey as a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker. 
  • The Key Of C – A Moving Dance Film by Genevieve Carson | L.A. Dance Chronicle

    October, 2020
    "The Key of C clearly captures the rollercoaster of emotions and the physical constraints this experience has cast upon us all. Carson and Mason, however, conclude with a message of optimism, a near normalcy, and a hope that reflects the resiliency and power of the human spirit."  | Read full article by Jeff Slayton HERE.
  • LACDC and VSQ’s "Blinding Lights" Provides a Much Needed Expression of Joy! | L.A. Dance Chronicle

    September, 2020
    ["Blinding Lights"] is a rich, lively and often celebratory score that released in the performers a freedom from restraint that is residing in the majority of us during the shutdown. |  Read full article by Jeff Slayton HERE.
  • LACDC featured in Chile's ART AL LIMITE

    August, 2020
    LACDC is featured in "Danza al son del encierro" - an Art Al Limite article about contemporary dance productions that are free and available on virtual platforms during quarantine.
  • BLINK – A Moving Dance Film by Genevieve Carson | Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

    July, 2020
    Carson interweaves her characters’ bodies and gestures, and with the aid of Kim’s direction, absorbs the viewer and her characters as they experience all of life’s emotions without judgement or resolution. |  Read full article HERE.