Tainted | Photo by Robbie Sweeny


Mission Statement

L.A. Contemporary Dance is a performance company dedicated to showcasing the artistry of L.A. in live and digital experiences. We curate creative environments that harness the power of the collective, promote a sense of belonging, and champion exploration and learning without judgment. In our programming, we share a restlessness of soul and desire for connection with our collaborators and community. 

As a local leader in the Los Angeles performing arts community, L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) recognizes the systemic and institutional privileges it has benefited from and will actively work to use all available resources to identify and disrupt those structures. We acknowledge that contemporary dance as currently practiced, produced, and presented has been historically defined as a Western and Eurocentric practice.

As a guiding force, LACDC will leverage specific practices and implement new initiatives that will foster an increase in artistic, shared learning, leadership and other participatory practices by historically underrepresented and under-resourced groups within the dance ecology of Los Angeles. This includes providing opportunity, resources, and spaces for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, womxn, disabled, and LGBTQIA+ community members of all backgrounds, religions, and ages. We believe in the transformative power of an artistic experience, and seek to engage, educate, perform for, amplify the experiences of, and connect with all people. LACDC will reexamine its own relationship to contemporary dance and will redefine the artform for the community it serves.

We commit to providing a platform for artists to express their unique voices and cultivate their visions in safe and supportive spaces. As an organization, led by the board of directors, we will regularly hold ourselves accountable by maintaining dialogue with affected constituents and key stakeholders to assess if all actions are successful and relevant. We will measure benchmarks against diversity, equity and inclusion goals and report findings consistently.

This environment will enable artists, students and audiences to experiment and grow together as we celebrate our diversity and provide equitable opportunities for all people to move and be moved by dance.

We value…

  •   The humanity and lived experiences of those with whom we share space
  •   The unique strength of a collective vision and collaborative spirit
  •   Anti-racist practices to address ongoing racism experienced in the arts and society at large
  •   Environments that encourage learning without judgment; Discovery over mastery
  •   People who build positive environments and provide others with a sense of belonging
  •   Strong relationships, foundations, and structures that support creative endeavors
  •   Producing and creating opportunities for artists to share their voices and connecting people through our craft
  •   Artistic work as a service, not just a product
  •   The effort necessary to grow and improve, and embrace change as a part of our process
  •   Questions, discussions, and constructive dialogues that build trust, and lead to greater understanding and compassion for each other
  •   Respect for all forms of expression and art-making in dance and beyond