The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC) is a local leader in the Los Angeles performing arts community.  We believe in the transformative power of an artistic experience, and seek to engage, educate, perform for, and connect with all people.  We provide a platform for artists to express their unique voice and cultivate their vision in a safe and supportive space.  This environment enables artists, students and audiences to experiment and grow together as we celebrate our diversity and provide equitable opportunities for people to move and be moved by dance.

LACDC maintains the same pioneering spirit today that drove its founding in 2005 by a pair of young, female entrepreneurs in an arts management class at the University of Southern California. We create opportunities where they previously did not exist with produced and commissioned work. We do this to answer our own call to foster the unique talent of this city, to develop innovative repertory inspired by Los Angeles, and to celebrate the diverse group of artists, students and fans that we consider our family. We value dance as a critical part of L.A.’s cultural identity to be shared around the world. By working with dedicated company members and staff, we demonstrate leadership in our community through the production of professional performances and training programs, and share the gifts of our city on the road as ambassadors of L.A.


LACDC has presented work at prestigious venues throughout L.A. including Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Broad Stage, Ford Amphitheatre, L.A. Theatre Center, Odyssey Theatre, Alex Theatre, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Broad Contemporary Art Museum, and Natural History Museum. Other notable performances include Lincoln Center (NYC), Kennedy Center (DC), Newman Center for the Performing Arts (Denver), ODC Theater (San Francisco), Laguna Beach Art Museum, and Palm Springs Art Museum.

The company has also toured internationally with sold out performances in Argentina and New Zealand. In 2018, LACDC was proud to be the first American headlining company to perform for Tempo Dance Festival in Auckland.

Additionally, LACDC often expands its reach to collaborate with key artists and brands in the entertainment industry. The company joined indie rock band Foster the People on their 2013 summer tour, which included performing for over 50,000 at the Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware. The company has also collaborated with major brands for the commercial campaigns of Samsung, American Apparel, and Hikvision USA and were recently featured in a music video for K-Pop star Sulli.