The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company began as a business plan in an arts management class at the University of Southern California. Michelle Mierz (Jolly), then an entrepreneurial business major in the Marshall School of Business, and Kate Hutter (Mason), a Theatrical Design major and independent choreographer studying in the School of Theatre, were paired to prepare a final project; a non-profit dance company serving the Los Angeles area. With the plan drafted and a passionate team to support it, the project grew to become the realized dream and company it is today.

While pursuing their graduate degrees and alternate careers in 2005 & 2006 , these young entrepreneurs were laying the foundation for LACDC to take root in its first season. The successful reception of The Reveal, the company’s debut concert at Highways Performance Space in July 2005, took them to the next level of making their business plan a reality and producing dance as L.A.’s newest resident dance company, LACDC.

Now, after celebrating LACDC's 10th Anniversary in 2015, Kate and Michelle proudly continue to serve as President and Secretary of the Board of Directors respectively, and have ushered in the next generation of LACDC leadership with the appointment of Artistic Director, Genevieve Carson in January 2016.  LACDC looks forward to keeping this pioneering, self-starter spirit alive in our artistic work, and in our engagement of new talent and creation of inspiring programming to motivate everyone to keep pursuing their passion in life.