• LACDC company member Kate Coleman featured in Dance Magazine

    June, 2017
    "I grew up with my heart set on dancing with a company, not realizing I could do concert and commercial work simultaneously." -Kate Coleman, LACDC
  • Read our featured article in LA UNIÓN

    May, 2017
    Como parte de una iniciativa conjunta entre el Municipio y la Embajada de los Estados Unidos, más de 300 adultos mayores de Lomas disfrutaron en el Teatro del Municipio del espectáculo “Force Majeure” de la compañía Los Ángeles Contemporary Dance, LAUnion.Com.AR
  • Review of "Force Majeure" on

    November, 2016
    "EBBA is filled with engaging, harsh and tender images, incredible partnering and inspiring performances." - Jeff Slayton,
  • Review of "FAM" on

    June, 2016
    "Genevieve Carson’s FAM is a major work that should be seen." -Jeff Slayton,
  • "Four Seasons" preview on

    January, 2016
    "In the decade they have been around, they've put on some exceptionally choreographed shows with talented, mostly local, dancers."  -
  • Review of "Four Seasons" on

    January, 2016
    JM Rodriguez and Gakenia Muigai cut loose in Rosalynde LeBlanc's choreography for "WINTER", burning through extended and intensely physical duo.  - Steven Woodruff,
  • Review of "Four Seasons" on

    January, 2016
    "Rapid movements, incredible floorwork and a well-rehearsed ensemble make Lemme's choreography a forceful ending to SE4SONS" - Jeff Slayton,