The Box | Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet - "The Box" - MV

"The Box" is a music video collaboration between two Los Angeles-based companies Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) and LACDC.  This music video is inspired by the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The featured VSQ musicians and LACDC dancers represent every one of us - the sensation of being trapped, with the walls closing in and a deep desire to escape the claustrophobia - longing to be released to open space, where one can move freely as one's spirit soars. Original Song by Roddy Ricch & 30 Roc.

Credits & Info

  • Original Song: Roddy Ricch & 30Roc
  • Director: Tom Bird
  • Movement Director: Genevieve Carson
  • Director of Photography: Colin Pregent
  • Editor: Michael Pottle
  • Creative Director: James Curtiss Musicians: Elizabeth Baba, Amanda Lo, Filip Pogády, Caleigh Drane
  • Dancers: Jamila Glass & Angel Tyson