Blinding Lights | Directed by Genevieve Carson & Nathan Kim

Vitamin String Quartet - "Blinding Lights" - MV

Vitamin String Quartet's "Blinding Lights,” was co-directed by frequent collaborator Nathan Kim and artistic director Genevieve Carson and filmed at our new home Stomping Ground L.A.  Our ambition for Blinding Lights (originally performed by The Weeknd) was to create a video of individual performances by 9 LACDC dancers/ choreographers, isolated, yet connected by their expressive dance. The concept is a reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic – our dislocated, remote lives connected by our heightened desire to live in unity.

Working so collaboratively with another Los Angeles-based cohort of artists to create high impact music video experiences has been a bright light for our team.  This is our second collaboration with VSQ featuring Christian Beasley, Hyosun Choi, Nicole Hagen, Tess Hewlett, Jamila Glass, Malachi Middleton, JM Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz, Angel Tyson.  

Credits & Info

  • Original song by The Weeknd
  • Cover by Vitamin String Quartet
  • VSQ Producer / Arranger: Pablo Hopen
  • Dancers & Choreographers: Christian Beasley, Hyosun Choi, Jamila Glass, Nicole Hagen, Tess Hewlett, Malachi Middleton, JM Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz, Angel Tyson
  • Director & Movement Director: Genevieve Carson
  • Director, Director of Photography & Editor: Nathan Kim
  • Creative Director: Tom Bird
  • Lighting Designer: David Patrick
  • Lighting Consultant: Ric Zimmerman
  • Stylist: Kelsey Vidic
  • Assistant Stylist: Daniel Miramontes
  • Production: Aron Silverstein, Marlene Nichols, Nicco Marcantonio
  • Filmed at Stomping Ground L.A. with Special Thanks to Kate Hutter

Executive Producers: James Curtiss + Leo Flynn