Princess Sophia | Photo by Michael Penn

The Princess Sophia

"The Princess Sophia", commissioned by Juneau, Alaska's Orpheus Project for an original opera, is co-created by director Dave Hunsaker and composer Emerson Eads.  The opera pays homage to the devastating sinking of The Princess Sophia, one of the worst shipwrecks on the west coast of North America, and one of Alaska's greatest tragedies.  The opera premiered in Juneau, AK on October 25, 2018, marking the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

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LACDC Artistic Director Genevieve Carson choreographed the dance sequences for the opera, featuring LACDC dancers Christian Beasley, Hyosun Choi, Tess Hewlett, JM Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz as well as local dancers from Juneau Dance Theater.


  • Choreography:
  • Genevieve Carson
  • Collaborators:
  • Emerson Eads – Composer
  • Dave Hunsaker – Librettist and Stage Director
  • Hali Duran - Assistant Choreographer
  • Jim Simard – Design and Technical Direction
  • Dan Fruits – Painter and Scenic Artist
  • Greg Mitchell – Projections
  • William Todd Hunt – Artistic Director and Conductor
  • Katy Giorgio – Producer
  • Annie Calkins – Associate Producer
  • Michael Penn – Photographer