Phrase: Dance Film

In celebration of 10 years of creating dance in L.A., this film is dedicated to the hundreds of incredible artists, donors, supporters, and fans who brought LACDC on its journey and made the dream a reality.

**"Phrase" was also screened as part of the 15th Annual Dance Camera West Festival.** 

  • Choreography:
  • Kate Hutter
  • Collaborators:
  • Dir & Editor: Ben Shearn
  • Cinematography: Nathan Kim
  • L.A. Contemporary Dance Company in a short film by Freedom 2K Films and Humanshapes Production
  • Producer: Amanda Kramer
  • Costumer: Jillian Cainghug
  • Music, Mixer & Colorist: Eric Mason
  • Compositions by Arvo Part, Eric Mason with Garrett McLean, This Will Destroy You
  • Performances by: Kate Andrews, Christian Beasley, Hyosun Choi, Genevieve Carson, Jamila Glass, Nicholas Heitzeberg, Tess Hewlett, Marisa Jimenez, Marcello de sa Martins, Gakenia Muigai, Andrew Pearson, JM Rodriguez, Melissa Schade, Drea Sobke, Sydney Sorenson, Tiffany Sweat, Kim Thompson & Angel Tyson