and then life was beautiful | Photo by Zack Whitford

and then life was beautiful | Dance Film

On the brink of isolation, a group of people choose to leave their current lives behind to isolate together in a new reality of their own creation.  After a year of building with this chosen family, we find them on a day of remembering what was, but also celebrating what is.

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and then life was beautiful is produced, written, and directed Jamila Glass & Tess Hewlett, choreographed by the company, captured by Noah Jaxson Griffin, and scored by Pete Gum and Reliable Colin.



  • Christian Beasley, Hyosun Choi, Kate Coleman, Jamila Glass, Nicole Hagen, Colleen Hendricks, Tess Hewlett, JM Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz


  • Producers, Writers, Directors: Jamila Glass and Tess Hewlett
  • Supervising Choreographer: Angel Tyson
  • Contributing Choreographers: Christian Beasley, Genevieve Carson, Hyosun Choi, Jamila Glass, Nicole Hagen, Tess Hewlett, JM Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz
  • Art Director: Rick Gradone
  • Composers: Pete Gum and Reliable Colin
  • Editor: Danielle King
  • Cinematographer: Noah Jaxson Griffin
  • 1st AC & Focus Puller: Ted Buerkle
  • Gaffer: Chris Pieper
  • Lighting Technician: Claire Chrzan
  • Costume Designer: Rick Gradone
  • Floral Designer: Noah Jaxson Griffin
  • Makeup: Jen Nguyen
  • Set Photographer: Zack Whitford
  • Set Design Assistant: Ryan Ruiz 
  • Production Assistants: Rachael Odebunmi, Shannon Janet Smith
  • Covid Compliance Officers: Nicole Hagen & Napoleon Gladney

Filmed in 2021 at Stomping Ground L.A.