"Well Weathered" by Alice Klock | Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Well Weathered

"Well Weathered" by Alice Klock explores the systems and dynamics of the elements that aid or perhaps hinder growth in the natural world. The piece emphasizes that struggle is a stepping stone to strength, and that in the midst of difficult environments life perseveres and beautifully evolves. The work looks at this concept in nature and also extrapolates it out to apply to human life and individual stories.⁣⁣

Credits & Info

  • Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic
  • Lighting Design: Ric Zimmerman


Filmed by Nathan Kim and edited by Jamila Glass

"...a motif of the dancers moving their fingers softly and quickly [gave] the piece an essence of lightness and magic.  Hyosun Choi performed an outstanding and intimate solo in this work. I appreciated her vulnerability and honesty. [Her] authentic and organic connection to the movement made it a genuine performance." -- Corrina Roche, LA Dance Chronicle