Terra | Photo by Gema Galiana of L.A. Contemporary Dance


Explore an immersive world that lives, breathes, and morphs around you as the evening progresses. Terra is a celebration of new life, community, and a sense of belonging. An empty warehouse space comes alive through a collaboration between a creative team of artists who draw inspiration from elements of the natural world. 


Audiences are encouraged to maximize their time in the immersive work to experience gentle shifts in perspective, a fully encompassing sonic environment featuring music composition by Robert Amjärv, live performances by Robert Amjärv and Bennett Barbakow, visually captivating landscapes facilitated by integrated scenic designer Carlo Maghirang, video and projection design by Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh, textile and costume design by Kelsey Vidic, lighting design by Katelan Braymer, and choreography by Genevieve Carson and Drea Sobke in collaboration with the dancers. 


  • Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic
  • Set Design: Carlo Maghirang
  • Video and Projection Design: Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh
  • Lighting Design: Katelan Braymer
  • Music Composition: Robert Amjärv
  • Live Music Performance: Robert Amjärv and Bennett Barbakow


Video by Cain DeVore