Table for One

They say that the worst goodbyes are those that do not happen.  We will never know in which hug we are saying goodbye forever. However, there is a new hope that blossoms from grief...a new and limitless love...all the unexpressed love that will accompany us until the last minute of our existence.  It is hopeful to think that there is no mourning without love.  These are the themes expressed in "Table for One" by Iker Karrera.


Commissioned by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain 
Choreography by Iker Karrera  

Performances by:
Nifflers Cast: Hyosun Choi, Nicole Hagen, JM. Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz 
Bowtruckles Cast: Kate Coleman, Colleen Hendricks, with guest artists Edgar Aguirre and Hunter Wayne

Collaborators Include:
Original Music: Alex Aller 
Voice: Juan Debel
Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan
Assistant Choreographer: Carla Diego

Rehearsal Director: Kate Coleman

Additional Info

Trailer Filmed by Anna Tse and Edited by Danielle King