The Only Constant

Developed in various iterations by LACDC's Artistic Director Genevieve Carson since 2016, The Only Constant is an evening length work that explores the delicate line between composure and chaos. Featuring the classic compositions of Bach, Mozart, Handel and Chopin, the score is enhanced and distorted by Los Angeles composer Robert Amjärv. The resulting work is at once absurd, graceful, heartbreaking, and ironic.

Through her direction, Carson aims to capture the profundity of human existence—the solitude of individuality and how our paths can be nudged off course and altered by the happenstance of meeting others. The Only Constant embodies the feeling of juxtaposition that defines human existence and illuminates the fleeting moments of beauty that give value to life’s perpetual struggle. The dancers are challenged to grapple with feelings of frustration and exhaustion, and ultimately required to question their own motivation to engage.