Insecto Primitivo (excerpt)

Insects have a life comparable to a dance: short, ephemeral and intense. "Insecto Primitivo" (excerpt) by Elías Aguirre explores a constant search for harmony between the heartbreaking and the subtle beauty of what happens on the tiny, improvised stages of invisible nature.


  • Commissioned by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain
  • Choreography by Elías Aguirre
  • Choreography based on the Elías Aguirre production of "Insecto Primitivo”

Performances by Hyosun Choi, Kate Coleman, Nicole Hagen, Colleen Hendricks, and JM. Rodriguez with Guest Artists Derrick Paris and Hunter Wayne


Collaborators Include:

  • Original Music: Jorge da Rocha
  • Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan
  • Assistant Choreographer: Ruth Muelas
  • Rehearsal Director: Kate Coleman
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Angel Tyson
  • Wardrobe Stylist Assistant: Ryan Ruiz
  • Wardrobe Manager & Tailor: Robert Huerta

Additional Info

Trailer Filmed by Anna Tse and Edited by Danielle King 

"The dancers collect against one of the side walls like flies on a screen door and continue to move throughout the space as a community with a commitment known only to them." --Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

"...a very beautiful but eerie exit of a male dancer crawling off with a female on his back in a shape that, for me, evoked a newly hatched insect on the back of its parent." --Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle