"GLHF" by WHYTEBERG | Photo by Robbie Sweeny


“GLHF” (good luck, have fun) by WHYTEBERG draws inspiration from vintage video games and the characters who inhabit them and features the bizarre and whimsical electronic music of Japanese artists Asa-Chang, Junray and Emerson Kitamura.⁣


Created as a game, the piece engages the audience to make decisions to form the antagonist’s epic character arc. Referencing an activity of adolescence, this new work engages the inner child, allowing the viewer to experience the adult world around them through a playful lens of their own making.⁣


Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic
Lighting Design: Ric Zimmerman
Production Design: BenBenBen


Trailer filmed by Nathan Kim & Edited by Gracie Whyte

"I cannot emphasize how fun this piece was to watch. The humor made it really accessible to the audience, which was an extraordinary way of building community amongst the audience and a relationship between them and the performers. GLHF progressed as the dancers battled one another and featured their awesome and hilarious superpowers. The dancers had a strong sense of individuality and a strong connection to their alter egos." -- Corrina Roche, LA Dance Chronicle