Into the Fray | Taso Papadakis

Into the Fray

A collaborative evening length work created by Kate Hutter, Genevieve Carson, Erik Speth and Kevin Williamson.  The 65-minute work is accompanied by live music under the direction of resident composer Eric Mason.

Together they pool their unique movement styles and artistic voices to create a rich, multifaceted work of contemporary dance theatre that speaks to moments of impact between bodies, language, instincts and ideas in the world.  Through a series of calculated and chance meetings, the cast of 20 navigate these pivotal moments to experience how we can set our course, forge new paths, and dramatically shift the directions of our lives.  "Into The Fray" is an ode to the courage we all possess to step out the door and leave ourselves vulnerable to the numerous unknown outcomes of each day.

Credits & Info


  • Genevieve Carson, Kate Hutter, Erik Speth, Kevin Williamson


  • Original Score: Eric Mason
  • Musicians: Eric Mason and Garrett McLean
  • Projection: Erik Speth