EBBA photo by Taso Papadakis


EBBA is an intimate, bold, and unapologetic investigation of the many layers that exist within the psyche of girls and women, shedding light on how we can ultimately find strength and ownership in our identity as female.  Choreographed by Genevieve Carson with original composition by Robert Amjärv.

Credits & Info


  • Genevieve Carson


  • Costume Design: Sami Martin Sarmiento
    Lighting Design: Ric Zimmerman
    Original Composition: Robert Amjärv

"The movement is very feminine and yet requires them to dig deeper into physical areas defined by gender. They use their hair to entice, defy or hide behind, and their facial expressions to seduce or challenge. EBBA is a hard act to follow as it so well made and delivers such a powerful statement. It is filled with engaging, harsh and tender images, incredible partnering and inspiring performances." -- Jeff Slayton, SeeDance.Com

"The final work had me gasping.  A generation of 'Me Too' has influenced the dancing scene.  Costuming and flying hair are cleverly juxtaposed by some great ensemble dancing, strength in female understanding." -- Felicity Molloy, theatreview (New Zealand)

"EBBA is a work about and performed by women, but it touches on the many aspects of humanity: fear, vanity, power, beauty, love, seduction, community and loss. The movement is awkward, angular, then sensual or in your face. Driven by the dynamic score of musician, songwriter and composer Robert Amjarv, EBBA keeps the audience on the edge of one emotion after another."  -- Jeff Slayton, SeeDance.Com