by taso papadakis

and then life was beautiful

This work follows a chosen family as they build an alternate reality, remembering what was and celebrating what is to be… 


Direction/Supervising Choreography by LACDC Artistic Director Jamila Glass and Associate Choreography by JM. Rodriguez with choreography contributions from the company; Original Music by Eric Mason and Art Direction and Costume Design by Rick Gradone.  

Performances by Hyosun Choi, Nicole Hagen, Colleen Hendricks, and JM. Rodriguez with Guest Artists Derrick Paris, Sandy Strangis, and Hunter Wayne.

Collaborators Include:

  • Associate Choreographer: JM. Rodriguez
  • Lighting Designer: Claire Chrzan 
  • Original Music: Eric Mason
  • Additional Music: Michael Wall
  • Art Director & Costume Designer: Rick Gradone
  • Assistant Choreographer: Kate Coleman

Additional Info

SPECIAL THANKS to the artists who have been a part of the development of this work from 2020-2022: Christian Beasley, Genevieve Carson, Hyosun Choi, Kate Coleman, Jamila Glass, Nicole Hagen, Colleen Hendricks, Tess Hewlett, Derrick Paris, JM. Rodriguez, Ryan Ruiz, Sandy Strangis, Angel Tyson, and Hunter Wayne

Trailer Filmed by Anna Tse and Edited by Danielle King

Watch the dance film companion piece: and then life was beautiful

"...a very strong work that definitely must be seen multiple times to take in everything that is transpiring..." --Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

"...felt like a journey through time, eras and generations." --Jeff Slayton, L.A. Dance Chronicle

"'It was very cathartic to allow [and then life was beautiful] to unfold out of me, and it allowed me to create from a very honest place, rather than being concerned about what people might want to see,' [Jamila Glass] says.” -- Steven Vargas, L.A. Times