Lunch Showings 2023


Our lunchtime showings provide a unique opportunity to enjoy a moment of artistic inspiration during your day. Gather with a community of individuals who share a passion and a curiosity for the art form of movement and have a bite as you witness the creative process.  Learn more about what to expect at our lunch showings on our FAQ SHEET.

"The Unseen Hours…a salon series" is a celebration of the intimate moments that unfold throughout the creation of a new work featuring the processes of Mario Glez (Spain), Myles Lavallee, Jillian Meyers, and Spenser Theberge.

Seize the opportunity to ask burning questions and gain insights directly from the creators. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of their work, their creative philosophies, and the stories that drive their artistic endeavors.

Carry with you the spirit of shared experiences and artistic evolution from the Artists and Collaborators of L.A. Contemporary Dance Company.


Friday Lunch Showings (Members + Limited Tickets)
October 27: Lunch Showing with Myles Lavallee
November 17: Lunch Showing with Spenser Theberge
December 8: Lunch Showing with Mario Glez (Spain)
December 15: Lunch Showing with Jillian Meyers 


Select Fridays from 12:15-2:30pm | See schedule breakdown below:

Outside the Venue
12:15pm - Food/Drink + Conversation

1:00pm - Showing + Q&A (no food inside the studio)
2:30pm - End of Event