Guest Artist Audition


We are holding an audition for BIPOC & People of the Global Majority dancers to join a Roderick George residency as Guest Artists. Click Here for Details.


Guest Artists are dancers who perform with the company for a particular event or project and are paid under contract for that event or project.   

The Guest Artist position (pool) operates as LACDC's database for dancers interested in being in a pool of collaborators hired on a project by project basis.  Guest Artists can also be invited to join the cast of a project when not all of the company members are available for that particular project or when a production calls for a larger cast than the current company.  They are dancers we have come to know through auditions and through the greater dance community.    

The Guest Artist position (full season) operates as a trial period for dancers interested in working with LACDC for an extended period of time.  After an audition process, a dancer may be invited to join the company as a Guest Artist for a full season, which is a year-long commitment.  After that time, depending on the company's needs, a Guest Artist may be put into the pool of collaborators to be called upon for future projects or they may be offered a Company Member position.

Stomping Ground L.A. Parking Info
In consideration of our neighbors, please consider these parking options first:
1. SGLA parking lot
2. Parking on Alhambra Ave
3. Parking on areas of side streets that are not in front of homes
*Also, if there are trash cans out on the curb, please do not move them from their spots.