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LACDC offers company classes at Stomping Ground L.A. where we facilitate an open and supportive environment for dancers to consistently train and explore. Check out our FAQ Sheet for more details.

Contemporary with Hannah Douglass: Hannah’s class focuses on movement quality and musicality. Her work is based in technique but open to freedom of expression as long as students are intentionally using every part of their body to fill up every part of the music. There will be a short warm up followed by short progressions simply to get out of heads and into bodies. The focus of the combo is for students to get comfortable moving slowly and being still, while simultaneously taking up an infinite amount of space. Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Stage Performance with Jaylene Mendoza: Jaylene's class will focus on stage presence, musicality, and reimagining your style and strengths to fit the moment. The combo will be designed around an "artist" with hip hop and pop influence and is intended for your personal strengths to prevail. Warm up will consist of isolations followed by a short "personal lab" to help you find you within more than one genre of music. Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Schedule Details

MONDAYS | 12:00-1:30pm PST

Class Rates

  • $16 (1.5 hour class)
  • $20 (2 hour class)

*For BOTH May company classes, we offer a Bring-A-Friend Special: buy one class and bring a friend to the same class for free



LACDC offers company classes on Monday afternoons at Stomping Ground L.A. where we facilitate an open and supportive environment for dancers to consistently train and explore. Classes have rotating teachers and are normally taught at an intermediate/advanced level. 

We also offer pop-up open level community classes for movers who want want an introduction to contemporary movement or a chance to move at a steadier pace than our intermediate/advanced classes.  This option is also ideal for movers who are returning to dance or who want to dance in a more relaxed environment.

Students must be 15 years old or older to take class.


All students are required to digitally sign two forms once a year before joining class. Signing these forms before you arrive will significantly decrease your check-in time. If you are new to class and aren't able to fill out these forms beforehand, we encourage you to arrive ten minutes early. As a reminder, these two forms are filled out once a year. Students 15-17 years old need a guardian's signature on their media release form.

LACDC's Waiver Form Stomping Ground L.A.'s Waiver Form

  • Company Class Rates
  • 1.5 hour class - $16
  • 2 hour class - $20
  • *Bring-A-Friend Special: Buy one class and bring a friend to the same class for free. Offer available only on the second Monday of each month for Company Class.
  • The friend receiving a free class must be accompanied by the paid student in the same class on the same date, sign in and fill out both waivers. Limited space available.
  • *Pay-What-You Can Special: On the last Monday of each month, we offer class on a tiered pay-what-you-can scale for Company Class.
  • 1.5 hour: Tiered $12, $14, $16
  • 2 hour: Tiered $16, $18, $20
  • Community Class Rates
  • 1.5 hour: $18
  • Classes must be pre-paid and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • Intermediate: Students are familiar with the movement style and seeking more slightly challenging material.
  • Advanced: Students have a strong grasp on the movement style and are prepared to learn at a fast pace.
  • Open Level: Students develop their technique through learning basic foundational elements, heightening their sense of rhythm and musicality, and tapping into their own sense of expression.  All levels are welcome, including beginner movers trying contemporary dance for the first time. Modifications are suggested to make the phrase work either easier or more challenging for each student.

You can digitally pay for class at the door before class begins, but we highly encourage you to pay beforehand to decrease your check-in time. We are currently unable to take cash as payment for class. Please contact us if you need additional assistance.

Classes must be pre-paid and are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

The venue is Stomping Ground L.A. (SGLA), 5453 Alhambra Ave., Los Angeles, California 90032.

Parking Info: In consideration of our neighbors, please consider these parking options first:

  1. SGLA parking lot
  2. Parking on Alhambra Ave
  3. Parking on areas of side streets that are not in front of homes. Please note the street cleaning signs on Bullard Avenue on Thursdays and Fridays.  (You will get a ticket.)

*Also, if there are trash cans out on the curb, please do not move them from their spots.

SGLA has a bottle filling station, so bring your favorite reusable water bottle for hydration. There are not water bottles for sale and we are unable to provide cups for the bottle filling station.

There is no official late time limit, but we encourage you account for traffic and parking time when heading to class so you can enjoy the full class time.

When you arrive, you will check-in with an LACDC representative at the “front desk” (a table). If you haven’t already filled out the two waiver forms before arriving, you will fill them out before starting to dance. We encourage you to fill them out beforehand to significantly cut down on your check-in time.

Once checking in, you are free to enter the dance floor and warm up on your own and/or mingle with the other movers in the room. Each teacher will lead a slightly different class, but generally speaking, you will be led through a warmup (which may include progressions across the floor, improvisation, partnering, or floorwork) followed by a phrase (otherwise known as a “combination”). If you need to step to the side and take a break at any time to drink water, head to the restroom, breathe or pause to watch the movement, you are free to do so.  

We encourage active listening by keeping the side conversations to a minimum. We cultivate a supportive environment by encouraging all in the room to remain actively engaged in watching what is happening in front of them. That includes staying off phones unless there is an emergency. We welcome questions during class that may help you further understand the phrasework.

After learning the phrase, teachers usually cycle through several smaller groups doing the movement, giving students more room to dance.

Classes are taught on a marley-covered, sprung dance floor.

Class descriptions and more information on the movement styles are listed on the registration page.

You do not have to be a professional dancer to take our classes.  Be sure to read the class description on the registration page to decide which class is the best fit for you.

Teachers may choose to use only the last 15 minutes of class to film groups. There will always be a group that movers can opt into that isn’t filmed. Please refrain from setting up your own phones to film or asking your fellow classmates to film you without permission from the teacher of each class.

There is no specific dress code for class. We encourage students to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing they can move in, like sweats, tanks, tees or leggings. Socks are optional, depending on the style. Some teachers may request students to remove their socks.  You can always bring a pair of socks and have them on standby, if needed.

These are the COVID Compliance Measures in association with the venue Stomping Ground L.A.