Robert Huerta

Robert Huerta | Photo by José Argueta

Robert Huerta (costume design)

Collaborations with LACDC: Dancing in Snow (costume co-designer with Ashley Kayombo)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Robert (he/they) has always been drawn with anything related to the performing arts. He first found his initial place in music, where he played and developed his artistry for 11 years. As years passed, Robert eventually discovered and fell in love with dance. This led him to pursue a BFA in Dance as well as a BA option in Dance Science from CSU Long Beach.

During his time at CSULB, he had the opportunity to take costume design under the instruction of Kelsey Vidic. Inspired by her class, he decided to design for the CSULB Spring Showcase, where he designed for the group piece Altered by Daylen Mcwhorter. During this process, he enjoyed that he was able to think about clothing from a dancer’s perspective and was able to contribute ideas that he felt benefitted the dancer, choreographer, and designer.

Under the mentorship of Kelsey Vidic and in Collaboration with Ashley Kayombo, Robert had the chance to design for LACDC where he was more than excited to put all his newfound skills to work.


Instagram: @thisisrobbbie