Lily Massie

photo by sam lehto

2024 World Premieres, Fall 2023 Creative Residency

Lily Massie has been dancing her entire life, beginning her formal training at the age of six. She participated on a competitive dance team, while pursuing advanced classical ballet training in addition to training in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and tap. Over the next eight years she was selected to perform solo and group ensemble works choreographed by Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard, Chris Jacobsen, Caroline Lewis-Jones, Dee Caspary, and Brooke Pierotti. Working with these amazing choreographers and artists inspired Lily to pursue her ambition to become a professional dancer.

In 2017, Lily was accepted into the Contemporary Dance program at Boston Conservatory at Berklee on merit scholarship. Her time at the conservatory consisted of rigorous training from esteemed faculty and performances choreographed by Maleek Washington, Ruka White, Lindsey Farber, Kate Weare, Adia Holist, Jarek Cemerek, and Robert Moses. Through the years, Lily has had many distinguished performances in large and small venues, as well as teaching experience and a true love for collaboration and choreography. She was named the 2021-2022 Lizbeth Krupp Dance Scholar at Boston Conservatory and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2022.

After graduation, Lily moved to Los Angeles where she continues to pursue her dream. She is currently a member of LA Contemporary Dance Company and Geometry Dance Company. In addition to dance, Lily is represented by State Management for modeling and HRI Talent for acting. She is currently training with acting coaches Zak Barnett and Brad Heller.

Lily’s experience during the pandemic required added creativity to keep dancing and performing every day. Utilizing videography and focusing on site-specific work sparked a new love for dance on film, which has added diversity to her repertoire. Most recently, Lily’s film “Coconut-Island” premiered in the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles. She will continue to be curious and push the boundaries of dance while using multi media to capture the ever flowing emotion of ones self experience. Lily believes there to be endless possibilities and extreme exploration within the current world. She is highly optimistic, which gives her strength to trust the process and hold space for all that presents itself.