Iyana Monet

Iyana Monet | Photo by Rhea Wolpoe

Fall 2023 Creative Residency

Born and raised in Montana, Iyana took the only opportunity to expand beyond small town life by the path of artistry. After moving to Los Angeles she achieved her BFA in Commercial Dance. This is where she found her purpose in dance cinematography. She has extensive experience both in front of and behind the lens ranging from experimental music videos to the commercial world. Iyana amplifies an ever-shifting artistic voice through studies in fine art, contemporary, and street styles.

Across her solo efforts as a performer, Iyana has debuted her movement in both film and stage working with musicians such as Zeinapur and About You. Directing, styling, and starring in her own production is the focus of the artist with her most valued project SUTURE being a screening selection at the Dare 2 Dance in Public Film Festival.

Working as a choreographer and dance teacher, Iyana has taught extensively in the west spanning from Millennium SLC Boom Crew, Olympia High School Performing Arts Program in Utah, Battery Acid at AMDA to her current slot at Eighty Eight Studios. She assists closely alongside Zoe Rappaport on projects for commercial, music videos as well as site specific pieces.

Through poise and vulnerability, she exposes her innermost feelings, offering full transparency for cast members and audiences alike. She explores ideas of deep cut, interpersonal connections for an observer to find themselves portrayed. In her work, she exaggerates the spectrum of movement quality and embraces every part that is odd, ugly, and delicate.

  • Representation: Clear Talent Group
  • @iyana.monet
  • *Headshot by Rhea Wolpoe