LA Contemporary Dance Company

black and white image of person in mid step while 6 dancers point to a body part

L.A. Contemporary Dance is a performance company dedicated to showcasing the artistry of L.A. in live and digital experiences.  We curate creative environments that harness the power of the collective, promote a sense of belonging, and champion exploration and learning without judgment.  In our programming, we share a restlessness of soul and desire for connection with our collaborators and community.

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CONTINUUM Photo by Anna Tse


A New Movement

Mar, 2024

Join CONTINUUM and Fund the Future

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Take class with LACDC

April 1-22, 2024

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6 dancers wearing all black in different poses while connected to each other by one limb. two people facing away from the camera observe

First Look

May 3 - June 10, 2024

Unseen Hours Hands Reaching Photo by Anna Tse

Community Class

June 3-24, 2024