Alex Aller (composer)
Collaboration with LACDC | Table for One | Premiering Nov 2022 (Commissioned by Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain)

Music producer and composer based in Madrid. He writes music for film and dance, and as a solo artist he combines his neoclassical releases with an electronic music project under the name of Jus Kno’.

In 2020, he composed the original music for the film "La Calle del Agua" directed by Celia Caso, that would become the sensation of FICX 2020 by being the most awarded film in the history of the festival, with a total of 7 prizes.

In 2021, he presented “Shoal" alongside the choreographer Dana Raz, and “Me parece que sufro lo que en mi profesión se llama nostalgia” by choreographers Javier Ara and Kike Astley. This last piece was awarded with the dance prize of the Theatre Institute 2021.

In 2022, he presents four new dance pieces, “Krum” premiered at La Laboral Theater with Dana Raz, “Cocoon” with choreographer Gonzalo Díaz, an extended one hour version of “Me parece que sufro lo que en mi profesión se llama nostalgia”, and a brand new piece with choreographer Iker Carrera for the L.A. Contemporary Dance Company. 

As a solo artist, he has edited two EPs as well as different singles and in December of 2021 he released his first album “Explorations”. Due to this album he joins the family of Wise Music Group, home of artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Hania Rani or Ludovico Einaudi.


Instagram: @alex.aller
Website: Alex Aller YouTube