Public Workshop in Anti-Racist Dramaturgy


What: Anti-Racist Dramaturgy provides performing artists with an 8 part framework for ongoing anti-racist creating, project design, production, and dramaturgy. This 2 hour interactive workshop draws on Kai and Sarah’s dual experience as anti-racist facilitators with Practice Progress and artistic directors of their own respective arts and social justice organizations, Good Trouble Makers, and GROUND SERIES.   Check out our FAQ SHEET for more details.

Who: Led by Sarah & Kai, co-founders of the Practice Progress, The UNtensive, embodied researchers, artists, and changemakers. 

When: September 27, 2023, 6:30-8:30pm PST on Zoom

Photo Credit: Alexander Millar & Coachella Magazine

Credit: Alexander Millar 
Image Description: Kai, a Black cis woman is wearing a long purple dress. She is profile to the camera with her chin tip downward and face rotated towards the camera. Both her arms are outstretched softly, one overhead and one out to the side. A ghost image of her in the same pose but looking downwards is next to her.

Credit: Coachella Magazine 
Image Description: Sarah, a white cis woman wearing dirty white pants and a silver metallic crop top. Her arms and body  cradling a long tree branch that forks into many bare branches over her head. She is facing the camera with her head turned to the side in front of a desert landscape with a soft sunset.


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