Get Closer To What Moves You

Beginning January 17th, 2022, join company member, Tess Hewlett, for an 8-week open level movement series - GIVE & TAKE: A Movement Meditation. This class is for everyone and will be held on Monday evenings at Stomping Ground L.A.

GIVE & TAKE is a movement meditation for every body, skill level and age. You will ease into class through a guided improvisation, using everyday visuals to explore your bodies from the ground up. GIVE & TAKE is designed to be taken at your own pace -- allowing you to move as little or as much as you would like. You can take class sitting in a chair using only the upper body, incorporating a full range of movement and levels, or even lying down. The main focus is to quiet our minds and connect us - body, mind and soul. We finish each class with a simple “follow along” phrase as an easy, no stress intro into learning choreography. With GIVE & TAKE, the goal is for you to get out of class as much as you put in!

If you attend in-person, this is what we expect for you to do:
* Fill out digital liability waivers prior to class
* Self-screen at home for COVID-19 symptoms and elevated temperature before entering the facility and participating in any activities
*Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer (which will be provided on-site)