Mimi Haddon (photography, costume design, and sculpture)
Collaborations with LACDC: FINDING MEEMOO | Dance Film; The Springtime Is Filled With You | Photography, Costume Design and Sculpture

Los Angeles artist Mimi Haddon works with photography using costume as a point of departure.  Through the employment of color, texture, materials and shape she creates a visual language both personal and universal.  While working on her MFA in Fiber Art at CSULB, Haddon learned to embrace the meditative practice of repetition, utilizing everyday materials such as T Shirts, twist ties, flag tape and found objects.  Combining traditional craft with contemporary ‘discards’ she creates work that is a collaboration with  time, process, and materials - allowing the outcome to reveal itself along the way. 

Haddon’s first armatures for her draped sculptures were quotidian utility objects including bike racks, parking meters and the random urban landscape.  In 2017 she began working with Heidi Duckler Dance, costuming an original piece featuring Toogie Barcelo in A Belo e a Fera.  Since then, she has worked with dancers and dance companies from Los Angeles and beyond.  She is currently completing a long term project with Palace Costume, one of Hollywood’s most beloved costume and prop rental houses, serving the film and television industries for 50 years. 

Before becoming a costume designer herself, Haddon began documenting the rich and lovingly curated collection in the form of annual Calendars beginning in 2008.  In 2018 she began working with dancers there to bring to life creatures and archetypes spoken through the language of clothing, textiles and gesture. Working with costumes and dancers has become a way for Haddon to explore the exterior and interior worlds simultaneously, witnessing and documenting what can be revealed to the viewer through the transformative power of disguise.  
Instagram: @mimihaddon