Summer Movement Fellowship


Thank you for your interest in our Summer Movement Fellowship (SMF)!  This is a three-week (tuition-free) program that gives opportunity for professional dancers to engage in a collaborative choreographic process, interact and train alongside LACDC company members, and gain a broader perspective of LACDC’s company culture (ages 18+ only).  Those who receive the fellowship will participate as dancers in the L.A. Contemporary Choreography Lab, attend the LACDC Summer Intensive and commit to being Season Volunteers during LACDC's Fall 2022 season.  See more details about the program below.  **Dancers eligible for the SMF must be professional dancers currently residing in greater Los Angeles.  No exceptions.  College students are not eligible for this program.** 

The L.A. Contemporary Choreography Lab is an intimate four-day intensive for choreographers to workshop new material on professional dancers and includes an informal showing at the end of the lab.  Choreographers work with a select group of LACDC company members and professional dancers from the LA dance community. SMF dancers must be available for the entire Choreography Lab process. 

The LACDC Summer Intensive is an intimate two-week program for advanced level dancers who want to continue diving into their personal practices.  We offer a safe space to discover and explore in an uplifting and supportive environment, where each dancer's uniqueness is celebrated.  Fellowship recipients are highly encouraged, but not required, to attend the full Summer intensive. 

To fulfill their fellowship duties, SMF dancers are required to commit to a predetermined number of volunteer hours during LACDC's Fall 2022 Season.  Responsibilities may include taking inventory of LACDC costumes and set pieces, managing video archives, volunteering on set or at performances, and more. 

Summer Movement Fellows are selected via an application process. The fellowship application deadline has passed. Thank you to all who applied!

Testimonials from our previous movement fellows:
The LACDC Movement Fellowship is unique for a multitude of reasons. Amongst these are: incredible training opportunities, an inside look at what happens within LACDC's company culture, participation in process-based choreography; however, perhaps the most valuable in my experience was the feeling of shared community and welcome from the leadership team and company members. Throughout the hours of volunteering and attending the weeks of intensive and Choreography Lab, the company has a genuine desire to welcome you into their extended family—creating a relationship with longevity that extends far beyond the set weeks of the Fellowship’s contract. If anyone is interested in creating a genuine connection with LA Contemporary Dance, I could not recommend the Fellowship strongly enough! - Natalie Allen (2021 Summer Movement Fellow, 2022 Winter Movement Fellow)

“Being a Winter Movement Fellow was an extraordinary experience and opportunity. LACDC fosters such a beautiful community, welcoming everyone with open arms and it was an honor to be a part of it. From taking technique classes, to being a part of different creative processes and building new community this experience was one that I will be forever grateful for and was a true gift. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking an experience to both learn and be welcomed into a professional community surrounded by inspiring artists apply for this wonderful and fruitful fellowship program filled with growth and new findings.” - Gianna Burright (2022 Winter Movement Fellow)

As a Winter Movement Fellow, I had the incredible opportunity to train and be in process alongside company members. While working in a warm and explorative space, I was able to look inward and reignite my curiosity about movement. LACDC has the remarkable ability to create community and support all dancers. I grew as an artist while working closely with company members, specifically Jamila Glass and Nicole Hagen. I am grateful for their insightful feedback and the chance to participate in an open dialogue. I carry the information shared as a jumping-off point, as I know the relationships, connections, and exploration continues beyond my time as a Fellow.” - Jolie Ponchetti (2022 Winter Movement Fellow)