Sarri Sanchez


Sarri Sanchez is a Los Angeles-based performer, dance maker and educator. She holds an MFA in Dance from Hollins University/American Dance Festival and a BA in World Arts and Cultures/Dance from UCLA. Sarri is a co-founder of three movement collectives: Tales Between Our Legs, The Rock Collection and IN/EX Dance Project. She and her collaborators have presented their work at the REDCAT NOW Festival, McCallum Choreography Festival, Breaking Ground Dance Festival, The Ford Amphitheatre, RenArts Theater Space, Bootleg Theater, ARC Pasadena, Diavolo Dance Space, Live Arts LA, American Dance Festival, CCN-Ballet de Lorraine (France) and WUK (Austria).

As a dancer, Sarri has had the privilege of performing with artists including Robin Conrad, Liz Hoefner Adamis, Andrea Gise, Mike Kelley, LA Contemporary Dance Company, Invertigo Dance Theatre, and for seven years, as a founding member of Holly Johnston’s Ledges and Bones. Sarri is a full-time faculty member at Renaissance Arts Academy, an award-winning charter public school rooted in the performing arts, where she has cultivated the dance program since 2006. In addition, she periodically teaches contemporary modern dance classes in and around Los Angeles. Her movement is largely influenced by release technique with an emphasis on floor work that aims to access fluid athleticism.

Instagram: @sarrisanchez