Lunch Showings FAQ

What is the lunch showing schedule and whose choreography will be featured?

"The Unseen Hours…a salon series" features the processes of Mario Glez (Spain), Myles Lavallee, Jillian Meyers, and Spenser Theberge. 

Friday Lunch Showings (Members + Limited Tickets) | 12:15-2:30pm 
October 27: Lunch Showing with Myles Lavallee 
November 17: Lunch Showing with Spenser Theberge 
December 8: Lunch Showing with Mario Glez (Spain) 
December 15: Lunch Showing with Jillian Meyers

Who are the Artists involved in the creative residency?

The LACDC Artists featured are Edgar Aguirre, Colleen Loverde, Lily Massie, Kelle Meschede, Iyana Monet, Melody Morrow, and Dawson Walker.  Rehearsal Direction by Ayesha Orange.

What is happening during the creative residency?

As a part of our fall creative residency, Collaborators and Artists will workshop experimental and new movement ideas, prioritizing discovery over mastery.  All Artists will experience the same processes together, building an environment that nurtures growth and creativity.  Artists will work with all the Collaborators whose movement vocabularies cover a wide range of dance forms, from ballet and floorwork to hip hop and improvisation.

Is there a late time limit?  What is the event schedule?

There is no official late time limit, although we will adhere to the following schedule:  

Outside the Venue
12:15pm - Food Trucks/Drinks 

1:00pm - Showing + Q&A (no food inside the studio)
2:30pm - End of Event

The event will end promptly at 2:30pm so the Collaborators and Artists can continue their rehearsal. We encourage you account for traffic and parking time so you can enjoy the full event.

Will there be a Q&A at these lunch showings? 

Yes, there will be a Q&A with the Collaborators and Artists at these lunch showings.  Have a bite as you settle in to witness the unfolding of new ideas from Collaborators based in Los Angeles and Spain. Each showing presents a fresh perspective on the creative process. Engage with the Artists themselves in intimate conversations that delve into the motivations behind the work and the stories that fuel their artistry.

What is the cost of the lunch showings?

The lunch showing portion of "The Unseen Hours…a salon series" is a perk of being in our membership program.  Not a member? 


Where are the lunch showings located and what are the parking options? 

The venue for invited rehearsals is Stomping Ground L.A. (SGLA), 5453 Alhambra Ave., Los Angeles, California 90032.

Parking Info: In consideration of our neighbors, please consider these free parking options first:  
1. SGLA parking lot  
2. Parking on Alhambra Ave  
3. Parking on areas of side streets that are not in front of homes.   Please note the street cleaning signs on Bullard Avenue on Thursdays and Fridays.  (You will get a ticket.)
*Also, if there are trash cans out on the curb, please do not move them from their spots.

Parking in the lot is limited, so we encourage you to give yourself some extra time to park.

Is there a minimum age suggestion?

There is not a minimum age. We request that all invited rehearsal attendees be prepared to observe the creative process quietly while in the rehearsal space.

I plan on watching via live stream.  When will I receive the link?

You will receive the live stream link via email the morning of the event.

Will all lunch showings be live streamed or recorded for those members who can't attend?

Some lunch showings will be livestreamed and recorded and some will not. Notifications will be sent out to members about upcoming live streams and recorded showings.

How late can I become a member? Can I become a member at the door? Do you take cash?

You can become a member at any time via our website. Memberships are only being processed online at this time and we do not currently take cash to join the membership program.

Can I film/take photos during the lunch showings?

Photos and video recording will not be permitted in the rehearsal studio during lunch showings.

How can I attend the lunch showings?

To gain access to “The Unseen Hours…a salon series”, to attend lunch showings & invited rehearsals, and to engage with LACDC’s artists year-round, you can become a member for as low as $5/month!  Join the L.A. Contemporary Dance Company on a year-long journey that celebrates the convergence of creativity, exploration, and connection in our new membership program.  (We will also have a limited amount of tickets for purchase, available to the public.)

We encourage you to join us for all of the events this fall in a series designed to foster a dynamic exchange between artist and audience.  Learn how creative residencies create space for failure – fostering an environment where mistakes are celebrated as opportunities for progress. Explore the heart of the process as the Artists and Collaborators workshop experimental and new movement ideas, prioritizing discovery over mastery.  By joining us for multiple events, you will have the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the learning and growth that will happen over time.

Members can receive benefits and perks including merchandise, complimentary classes and event admissions, exclusive invitations to member appreciation events, reserved seating, and even reserved parking. Click the link below to find out how to become a part of a community that appreciates the power of artistry in motion and cultivate a new appreciation for the art form.



Not a member? Stay tuned for more information on how to purchase a limited amount of tickets available to the public.

Is there a vaccine requirement?

These are the COVID Compliance Measures in association with the venue Stomping Ground L.A.




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