Robert Amjärv


Robert Amjärv is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, composer and filmmaker and has composed music for four LACDC works: Terra, The Only Constant, EBBAFAM.

Rob's musical pursuit began early on, primarily engaging himself in the self-taught route. At age 13, he recorded his first album, and shortly after graduating High School at 14, he attended the Academy of Entertainment Technology in Los Angeles - studying sound and video production.  Shortly after his studies, he moved to Lake Arrowhead California where he resided for three years, and completed three full-length albums with the music project, ’Pentamental.' A single track off the 5.1 surround music album, 'Harm and Harmony' earned a nomination for a Horizon/best-newcomer award for the 4th Annual Surround Music Awards in 2005.  

After moving back to Los Angeles in 2007, Rob joined the prestigious music and dance ensemble STRING THEORY - initially as a sitar and theremin player, and eventually as collaborator. Currently, Rob is a composer and producer for TEST PATTERN MEDIA, and continues to involve himself with several live and studio projects globally.