Justin Trout is co-Founder and COO of Health-Ade.  Over the past six-and-a-half years Justin has worked in all aspects of the business.  Entrepreneurship, curiosity, and continuous improvement are what drive Justin to succeed.  As a youngster, Justin was a dedicated musician, consistently practicing the guitar for 6-8 hours daily.  This hard work and discipline landed him a major scholarship at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music where he earned a degree in Music Production and Engineering.  

Post college, Justin worked in Los Angeles as a studio and live performance musician, arranger, composer, studio engineer, producer, and songwriter.  Applying the craftiness and agility required to succeed in the competitive entertainment industry, Justin took to business as a Sales and Logistics Director at Toppik, Inc.  It was at Toppik that Justin saw the power of entrepreneurship in his business mentor, Mark Kress.  Mark allowed Justin to move through the Toppik organization to ultimately manage the full company P&L and lead International Sales, a business that Justin grew from $5mm to $10mm annually by opening accounts in the Middle East and Asia.  …but even that was merely more training ground for the next journey: Health-Ade.

The Founding Trio started Health-Ade by forming a 3-person “Entrepreneur Club”.  With the support of fellow Founders and a built-in determination, Justin et al swiftly took Health-Ade from one win to another.  Justin believes in hard work, discipline, honesty, support, care, learning, and a big vision.  This general theme has played out in everything Justin has done both personally and professionally.  The next frontier will involve acts of service to help others see the potential resting in themselves.