JM. Rodriguez


Company Member since 2012

After graduating from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA), where he trained in Ballet, Horton, and Luigi Jazz, JM. decided to challenge a professional career in dance. 

JM. Rodriguez has been dancing for LA Contemporary Dance Company since 2012, and has been growing in the contemporary modern field ever since. Some of the choreographers/instructors that JM. has trained under are: the legendary Horton master Don Martin, Beth Hirshaut­Iguchi, Ka­Ron Brown Lehman, Denise Leitner, Fionna Lummis, Kitty McNamee, Adam Parson, Tovaris Wilson, and Edouard Kouzmich. JM. has also performed with a few other local dance/entertainment companies such as Karmagraphy Bollywood Fusion, Freelusion Video Mapping, Imagination Entertainment, and the LA Follies.

He had the opportunity to dance in a few TV shows such as Disney’s Shake It Up, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Angie Tribeca series, Showtime’s: Penny Dreadful, Netflix’s Space Force, and Dear White People to name a few. He has traveled around the US and Canada performing with Yo Gabba Gabba, and his other credits include music videos for artists Pharrell, Penatonix, The Marias, and Vitamin String Quartet; commercials and promotions for Microsoft and The Greatest Showman, CA Lottery, and an Xbox video game, to name a few.

With a passion in dance and for the arts in general, JM. brings life to his movement, and will continue to challenge the dance scene with a humanistic approach, through sharing content and art that both inspires and ignites something in the hearts of others. 

Instagram: @jm22nmrk