Hyosun Choi


Company Member since 2010

Originally from Orange County, Hyosun Choi began her training in ballroom dancing at age 7, winning National and Regional Ballroom Dance Competitions. At the age of 10, she attended Ko Soo Hee Dance School, performing Korean cultural dancing for six years. In California, she mainly studied at the Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts, Beverly Hills Playhouse, and Edge Performing Arts Center. In New York, she trained at the Atlantic Acting School, Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center and STEPS.

Hyosun has had the privilege of working with Yung-Li Chen, Noa Sagie, Gabrielle Lansner and Company, LiNK! Dance Company and Vissi Dance Theater, and performed in Off-Broadway shows such as The Shanghai Gesture (Mirror Repertory), and Because of Beth (Workshop Theater).

Hyosun joined LACDC in 2010.  She also currently performs with Invertigo Dance Theatre.