Hyosun Choi


Company Member since 2010

Hyosun Choi comes from an eclectic background of ballroom dancing, Korean cultural dancing, orchestra, piano composition, theater, commercials, and tv/film.  Originally from Orange County, she grew up immersed in dance, theater, and music. 

In California, she mainly trained at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and EDGE.  In New York, she studied at the Atlantic Acting School, Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center and STEPS.  Diligent training is the essence to mastering her craft as she focuses on diversifying her inputs, influences, and experiences. 

Hyosun feels blessed about the opportunities to work with inspiring choreographers, dancers, actors, musicians, and artists.  Hyosun currently dances with Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC), Invertigo Dance Theatre and Iris Dance Company.