Drea Sobke


Company Member since 2009

Originally from San Diego, Drea graduated from Chapman University cum laude with a BFA in Dance Performance under the guidance of Cyrus Parker-Jeanette.  She has had the pleasure to work with various dance companies and has performed in venues throughout the US, Canada, Philippines, and Switzerland.  In 2009 Drea was honored by the Dance Resource Center with a Lester Horton Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance by a Female for her performance in Arrive with Backhausdance, and received a second award in 2011 for her performance in Gods and Marionettes with Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company. 

In addition to joining LACDC in 2009, Drea currently works as a collaborative artist and dancer with String Theory Harp, Helios Dance Theater, Genevieve Carson, Que Barbaro and photographer James Mountford.  Drea is also a certified Pilates instructor (Body Arts and Sciences 2006) and Pre-Natal and Post Partum Pilates specialist, www.pilatestechnica.com