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The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company began as a business plan in an arts management class at the University of Southern California. Michelle Mierz (Executive Director), then an entrepreneurial business major in the Marshall School of Business, and Kate Hutter (Artistic Director), a Theatrical Design major and independent choreographer studying in the School of Theatre, were paired to prepare a final project; a non-profit dance company serving the Los Angeles area. With the plan drafted and a passionate team to support it, the project grew to become the realized dream that it is today. While pursuing their independent career paths and further education, these young entrepreneurs were laying the foundation for LACDC to take root in its first season, fall 2006. The successful reception of The Reveal, the company’s debut concert at Highways Performance Space in July 2005, took them to the next level of making their business plan a reality and producing dance as L.A.’s newest resident dance company, LACDC.



Clown Hospital Choreography by Kate Hutter and Melissa Schade
Spirit of the Irish Choreography by Kate Hutter
Prite Oef Stringh Choreography by Kate Hutter
En Route Choreography by Lindsey Lollie
100 Times is Not Enough Choreography by Arianne MacBean
Blank Choreography by Kate Hutter
Built Together, Shift Apart Choreography by Andrew Pearson
Love Letter Choreography by Mark Tomasic
Detaching from the Physical Form Choreography by Melissa "MJ" Jackson
Urban Nut Choreography by Christian Beasley, Michael Crotty, Tess Hewlett, Kate Hutter, Melissa Schade, Kim Thompson


Babar Choreography by Kate Hutter and Melissa Schade
Looking Back Choreography by Kate Hutter
PS2 Co-Directed by Kate Hutter and Kevin Williamson
Cave...A Dance For Lilith Co-Directed by Kate Hutter and Aaron Henne; Choreography by Kate Hutter; Written by Aaron Henne
Unravel Choreographed by Kate Hutter and Kevin Williamson
Urban Nut Choreography by Kate Andrews, Christian Beasley, Michael Crotty, Kate Hutter, JM Rodriguez, Melissa Schade, Kim Thompson, Diana Vaden


Identity Theft Choreography Kate Hutter
Nana Choreography by Genevieve Carson
Plastique Choreography by Nehara Kalev, collaboration with dancers
no words Choreography Seth Zibalese
Catch & Release Choreography Kate Hutter
The Better to See You With Choreography Holly Rothschild
A Silver Lining Choreography Mike Esperanza


The Rogue Robots of Dr. Drea Choreography by Kate Hutter
I Am Arachnid Co-directed by choreographer, Kate Hutter and playwright, Aaron Henne
Gods and Marionettes Co-directed by choreographer, Kate Hutter and theatre director, David Bridel
In My Dreams Choreography by Kate Hutter
[here] Choreography by Genevieve Carson
Dandansoy Choreography by Paulo Alcedo
The Handshake Choreography by Melissa Schade
Adam & Eve, Part 1 & 2 Choreography by Marcello de sa Martins
why not welcome Choreography by Michael Crotty
Two for the Road Choreography by Jamila Glass
This is how we play Choreography by Kate Hutter


Day at the Zoo Choreography by Kate Hutter
Value System Choreography by Paulo Alcedo, Michael Crotty, Devin Fulton, Jamila Glass, Natalie Hurter, Kate Hutter, Nichol Mason, Erik Speth and Diana Vaden
Body Mecanique Co-directed by choreographer, Kate Hutter and playwright, Aaron Henne
A Soldier's Tale Choreography by Kate Hutter, Directed by David Bridel
Reflections of Lino Co-choreographed by Kate Hutter and Erik Speth
Initiator Choreography by Adam Parson
rEVOLUTION Choreography by Scott Hislop
I Ran Choreography by Kate Hutter
Operation Sneak-a-Peek Choreography by Jamila Glass


The Nerd and the Jock Choreography by Kate Hutter
Opening of BCAM Co-choreographed by Kate Hutter and Michael Crotty
Hyper Super Ultra Now Choreography by Kate Hutter
Clippings Choreography by Kate Hutter
The Wagon Train is Divided Choreography by Mecca Vazie Andrews
Animus Choreography by Nichol Mason
Pop Rocks Choreography by Mecca Vazie Andrews, Michael Crotty, Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh, Devin Fulton, Jamila Glass, Kate Hutter, Jolieba Jackson and Leslie Scott
From the Office of Internal Affairs Choreography by Kate Hutter
Excavating Grey Choreography by Kevin Williamson


Big Skirt Woman Dance Choreography by Kate Hutter
Poignant Phrases Choreography by Kate Hutter
The Union Choreography by Terri Best
Diary Entry Final Choreography by Ryan Heffington
Passion Plays (full length version) Choreography by Kate Hutter
Pinky Swear Co-directed by Kate Hutter and Kevin Williamson
Nightlight Co-choreographed by Kate Hutter and Nichol Mason


Pause Choreography by Kate Hutter
Untitled Choreography by Shari Brookler
Reeling Choreography by Laura Karlin


Tragicomedy for the Melodramatic Choreography by Kate Hutter
The Test Kitchen Improvised performance directed by Kate Hutter
A Personalized Approach to Life by
the Founders of Insecurity and Ego
Choreography by Kate Hutter
Passion Plays (duet) Choreography by Kate Hutter
Adjective Noun Verb! Choreography by Kate Hutter


Triptych Choreography by Kate Hutter
Portraits of the Reveal Choreography by Kate Hutter