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The L.A. Contemporary Dance Company began as a business plan in an arts management class at the University of Southern California. Michelle Mierz (Executive Director), then an entrepreneurial business major in the Marshall School of Business, and Kate Hutter (Artistic Director), a Theatrical Design major and independent choreographer studying in the School of Theatre, were paired to prepare a final project; a non-profit dance company serving the Los Angeles area. With the plan drafted and a passionate team to support it, the project grew to become the realized dream that it is today. While pursuing their independent career paths and further education, these young entrepreneurs were laying the foundation for LACDC to take root in its first season, fall 2006. The successful reception of The Reveal, the company’s debut concert at Highways Performance Space in July 2005, took them to the next level of making their business plan a reality and producing dance as L.A.’s newest resident dance company, LACDC.



Demigods Choreography by Nina McNeely


Clown HospitalChoreography by Kate Hutter and Melissa SchadeSpirit of the IrishChoreography by Kate HutterPrite Oef StringhChoreography by Kate HutterEn RouteChoreography by Lindsey Lollie100 Times is Not EnoughChoreography by Arianne MacBeanBlankChoreography by Kate HutterBuilt Together, Shift ApartChoreography by Andrew PearsonLove LetterChoreography by Mark TomasicDetaching from the Physical FormChoreography by Melissa "MJ" JacksonUrban NutChoreography by Christian Beasley, Michael Crotty, Tess Hewlett, Kate Hutter, Melissa Schade, Kim Thompson


BabarChoreography by Kate Hutter and Melissa SchadeLooking BackChoreography by Kate HutterPS2Co-Directed by Kate Hutter and Kevin WilliamsonCave...A Dance For LilithCo-Directed by Kate Hutter and Aaron Henne; Choreography by Kate Hutter; Written by Aaron HenneUnravelChoreographed by Kate Hutter and Kevin WilliamsonUrban NutChoreography by Kate Andrews, Christian Beasley, Michael Crotty, Kate Hutter, JM Rodriguez, Melissa Schade, Kim Thompson, Diana Vaden


Identity TheftChoreography Kate HutterNanaChoreography by Genevieve CarsonPlastiqueChoreography by Nehara Kalev, collaboration with dancersno wordsChoreography Seth ZibaleseCatch & ReleaseChoreography Kate HutterThe Better to See You WithChoreography Holly RothschildA Silver LiningChoreography Mike Esperanza


The Rogue Robots of Dr. DreaChoreography by Kate HutterI Am ArachnidCo-directed by choreographer, Kate Hutter and playwright, Aaron HenneGods and MarionettesCo-directed by choreographer, Kate Hutter and theatre director, David BridelIn My DreamsChoreography by Kate Hutter[here]Choreography by Genevieve CarsonDandansoyChoreography by Paulo AlcedoThe HandshakeChoreography by Melissa SchadeAdam & Eve, Part 1 & 2Choreography by Marcello de sa Martinswhy not welcomeChoreography by Michael CrottyTwo for the RoadChoreography by Jamila GlassThis is how we playChoreography by Kate Hutter


Day at the ZooChoreography by Kate HutterValue SystemChoreography by Paulo Alcedo, Michael Crotty, Devin Fulton, Jamila Glass, Natalie Hurter, Kate Hutter, Nichol Mason, Erik Speth and Diana VadenBody MecaniqueCo-directed by choreographer, Kate Hutter and playwright, Aaron HenneA Soldier's TaleChoreography by Kate Hutter, Directed by David BridelReflections of LinoCo-choreographed by Kate Hutter and Erik SpethInitiatorChoreography by Adam ParsonrEVOLUTIONChoreography by Scott HislopI RanChoreography by Kate HutterOperation Sneak-a-PeekChoreography by Jamila Glass


The Nerd and the JockChoreography by Kate HutterOpening of BCAMCo-choreographed by Kate Hutter and Michael CrottyHyper Super Ultra NowChoreography by Kate HutterClippingsChoreography by Kate HutterThe Wagon Train is DividedChoreography by Mecca Vazie AndrewsAnimusChoreography by Nichol MasonPop RocksChoreography by Mecca Vazie Andrews, Michael Crotty, Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh, Devin Fulton, Jamila Glass, Kate Hutter, Jolieba Jackson and Leslie ScottFrom the Office of Internal AffairsChoreography by Kate HutterExcavating GreyChoreography by Kevin Williamson


Big Skirt Woman DanceChoreography by Kate HutterPoignant PhrasesChoreography by Kate HutterThe UnionChoreography by Terri BestDiary Entry FinalChoreography by Ryan HeffingtonPassion Plays (full length version)Choreography by Kate HutterPinky SwearCo-directed by Kate Hutter and Kevin WilliamsonNightlightCo-choreographed by Kate Hutter and Nichol Mason


PauseChoreography by Kate HutterUntitledChoreography by Shari BrooklerReelingChoreography by Laura Karlin


Tragicomedy for the MelodramaticChoreography by Kate HutterThe Test KitchenImprovised performance directed by Kate HutterA Personalized Approach to Life by
the Founders of Insecurity and
EgoChoreography by Kate HutterPassion Plays (duet)Choreography by Kate HutterAdjective Noun Verb!Choreography by Kate Hutter


TriptychChoreography by Kate HutterPortraits of the RevealChoreography by Kate Hutter